Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zombie~Corporate Zombie

Zombie, the dead rising is a fictional character is a animated corpse raised by magic. That’s really crazy. The thought would alter any sane thinking. I was going through an article in the net and found that there is even something called as zombie biology and classification of types of zombies.

All of the classification has one thing in common Zombies either are controlled by some power or have lost their process of rational thinking. In today's world, each one of us @ some point of time has indeed behaved like Zombie, as in lost the process of rational thinking .This may be due to blind trust in some other person or helpless situation. The latter being the more common reason. What we call the helpless situation in corporate world is the most common Zombie statements:

"We have always done it this way"

"You're new aren't you? You new people just want to change our perfect little world. We like it the way it is. We can outlast you. "

"It's working the way it is. Leave it alone. Can we go now? "

Do they sound familiar? These statements have practically killed our thoughts our creativity and made us no more than a Corporate Zombie. How many of you have seen the video of 5 monkeys in a cage , it's a fun video

Wake up Zombie, you are born human so live human

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