Friday, April 11, 2014

James Bond ~Bond James Bond

Bond James Bond ~~Bond with the Best .That's one tagline that has intrigued me always . Is it because I like suiting and shirting .Noways !What has a female got to do with suiting and shirting.It's a mere fascination for the character James Bond.

The tall , handsome, smartest and sexiest on screen character  .Is there any girl on earth who does not drool over the James Bond's characteristic charm , I don't think so.There has been lots of controversial debate and heated discussions about whose the best bond .I believe each bond has been best suited for the role they were casted for.

Who is James Bond?James Bond is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming.Since Fleming's death seven other authors have written James Bond authorized fictions.
This charismatic character have been my heart throb always.

Ian Fleming's fictional image of James Bond from the trusted source Wikipedia.

And I am dead sure all the James Bond fit well in this character.

Who is the best Bond according to you?


  1. For me it is always the silver haired and bearded Sean Connery!! That man still could beat many in his stature and looks!! And a great post, ranjini.....Keep them coming :)