Friday, April 4, 2014


Main Dilli Hoon Main Dilli Hoon ,Main Hindustan Ka Dil Hoon .

Delhi ,commonly known as Dilli-(Dil meaning Heart) Dilli Means place where people with heart resides.I am born and bought up in Delhi and it gives me a special connect to the place .The people ,style ,the pace the place .Its a place which has people from all sects ,all states  all nations.History depicts that Delhi has always welcomed anything and everything new ,I guess we can consider all the invasions by the Afghans ,Mughals ,Tuglaqs ..then the British.Delhi  never rejected anything new.There has been an old legend that Delhi gets destroyed every 400 years and it erects itself all over again to the greater heights to become a mightier power .All of the Delhi has been standing on years and years of changes.

Oh!I miss Delhi ..The long strolls ,roadside chats ,yummy jalebis ,Street shopping.Delhi is a shoppers paradise ,all you need to know is where to shop what?
For all of who plan to go to delhi ,just a piece of advise:
College casuals-Sarojini ,Salwar suites-LN,CP ..CP is an all time shoppers paradise ,Jeans -just rush to Tonk Road , then comes the Rajouri and the Raja Garden.

I miss every damn thing about the place...Long hot sunny summers and the dark cold Delhi winters .I wish one day I would be able to go back and settle down there.

From the DTC to Delhi Metros ~From the dnt care attitude to the enormous inflow of people @ India Gate to protest the brutal case in Delhi~~Delhi has moved on but guess never any Delhite was able to move further.

Just with a small message to all women ~~BE SAFE

Gate to Heart of India~India Gate


  1. I'd always wanted to visit Delhi in Jan, and watch the parade. Hopefully some day :)

  2. Deepa ,best time to go in March or October coz the climate is so lovely then

  3. I am from Delhi too. Thee event is on my mind too.. and it cant go away...(The girl was picked up from the bus stop which is right in front of my office). Anyways nice to connect to a Delhi blogger through atozchallenge.

  4. Welcome Delhitie ! The incident was a damn scary one ..unfortunate one.
    The incident should definitely shed some light and at least now I guess parents now at least now should teach their girly kids some self defense mechanism .Its much needed in today's world

  5. Never been to Dilli till now- but I've heard it's a shoppers paradise. Would love to visit son. Thanks for sharing the lovely post.

  6. Sure Delhi is a shoppers paradise indeed..n a small bit of correction...daughter

  7. The only part of Delhi I've seen is the airport! :D

    The 2 AM Writer

  8. Oh U missed something then ,next time tspending a day or two !Its and amazing place