Friday, April 18, 2014

Paintings ~My Ganesha

I love to paint ,I love to sketch .That had been my passion during my childhood .Now a days in the busy world I do not have time to even sketch .Painting relaxes ,you do not indeed need to know to paint or sketch ,just running your hands on canvas can calm your mind ,all you need is some bit of imagination .

I still remember one of my schoolmates who got A+ grades in painting for doing what? guess making a scenery .Now you would be thinking such a silly thing ,anyone and everyone makes scenery pics in schools .All you need is mountains ,trees ,a sun , a lawn ,few flowers and birds.What he did special is what makes me remember it?After finishing his painting nicely he had a bad day chance white water color spill on the painting and you know what he did it with that .He just painted the entire painting white over the already done stuff and yuho the outcome was awesome .It looked like snowfall on the picture .What I learn from that be positive even in tough situations can lead you to the best outcome.

I picked up the pencil and sketched after so many years sketch and the feeling was awesome.i am travelling and out of station and blogging through mobile ,else would have captured my painting and posted along with this blog,will probably put it once back.

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  1. What an inspiring friend. I'm having trouble with my painting and drawing at present - the AtoZ is interfering with my art muse. Hoping to get some done this weekend :)
    Looking forward to seeing your recent work!

    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April