Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mallu New year ~~Happy Vishu

I start my blog with Best wishes for Vishu to all .A very happy and prosperous year ahead .Vishu is the start of our new year, it generally falls in the second week of Gregorian calender.Vishu starts with the Vishu kani and then follows the fireworks .Other facets of the festival includes ,buying new dresses "puthukodi " and tradition of giving money to the younger ones ,"vishukaineetam". Of course the yummy Vishu sadhya ,the traditional Kerala food severed the traditional way on the banana leaves is a must for Vishu.

The most important thing for Vishu is the Vishu Kani that means "the first thing seen of the day of Vishu".Vishu kani varies from district to district ,but each kani has some common factors :"Photo of Krishnan ,raw rice ,coconut ,konna poo ,kani velarikya ,gold and some coins .My Vishu Kani is a combination kani of both Palghat and Ernakulam districts of Kerala .My Vishu Kani lets us see all the goodness in one sight ,the God ,the grains -rice ,fruits ,flowers ,money  ,gold ,new dress ,Bhagvata Gita and Sindooram.God bless all of our year ahead.

Significance of Vishu :

Vishu is traditionally celebrated as a New Year in Malayalam Calender and the day is often considered as the first day of the Zodiac calender .However if the equinox occurs after dawn on the first day of the zodiac calender ,the the Vishu celebrations will be on the next day ,ie the second day of the calender.As Vishu is marked the first day of the Malayalam zodiac ,it is considered and appropriate time to offer obligations to Hindu Gods.

                                   Vishu Ashamsakal-Happy Vishu to All -My Vishu kani for All of you