Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Home ~~When the house becomes home

Lots of us have had dreams of owing a house , and a lucky few even have one.But are we successful in making our house a home sweet home .Do we really need a house or a home ?

Wat's a house ?
It's a mere address some numbers that get recorded in the government offices .

A home is an abode of happiness ,divine place where only love resides.Let that love be between husband wife or parents kid or even grandparents grand kids.All that governs the housemates is their love for each other.Houses like that are like temples ,abode of God.In today's world no one really seems to have time for anything not even time to show /express love.God Bless all of them!

Feng Shui tells us a method to stabilize positive energy and ward of negative energy from house.

I am lucky to know a person ,a crystal healer ,who educated me how we can clean up the house based on Feng Shui.I believe the method is really effective to ward of negative energy from the home.All you need is rock salt a ceramic bowl and water.Put the salt in the bowl and add water .Place it in the house somewhere where people would notice it ,well I put it on the dining table .Keep it there for 12 hours .After 12 hrs flush the water +salt out of your house .Ensure you flush it and not put it through the sink/washbasin.And see the wonders.

What makes home a sweet home ~~It's the kids  ,its the children of the home.It's the cries ,smiles and unconditional love of the kids that makes the house blossom.