Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Me Myself

---------Read the Blog as First Person------------------------------

The most powerful word in the world is "I" .Why because "I" believe it's the most powerful word.
Today's world is more about show off ,people really are worried about what others think ,see  and feel but what about the most important person in your life ,"I".How many of you there are doing things we like to do as we did in childhood.As a child I was I and now I am lost in the today's world ,I am lost in the whirlpool of life .

What do I do now daily ?I wake up with an alarm in morning ,make breakfast ,do my prayers go to my office come back prepare dinner and off to sleep .My life's so routine so boring.The child in me seems to be lost and no I dnt blame the world or the society ,I dnt blame the people around me , I am not so melodramatic to put the blame on anyone.

But the question here is Am I unhappy ?Nopes.Never! I am perfectly happy doing what I do and that's what makes the difference.

Just to add on to the routine life ,I do break my routine to do some things things that I like -Listening to music ,dancing ,painting ,cooking new recipes and now this new venture blogging. I do what I like to do.

What I have learnt in my life is ,it's my life ,I live it because I want to live it that way I chose to live it that way.I am the most happy being myself.

Stop Comparing myself with others because that's the biggest insult I would give to me.


  1. Yay! You go girl! Being happy and content is what counts than comparing with others. You've got the secret :)

  2. Please start using spell checks and grammar checks before publishing your blogs. It makes things easier for the readers Thank you