Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Commonly known as "Namma Bangaluru " is the capital city of the state of Karnataka .But the most important fact is it’s the city where I reside .To the world its popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India ,it’s the leading IT exporter city of India.

The Term Namma Bangaluru means Apna Bangaluru in Hindi or My Bangalore in English. I just moved into the city last year and in this last one year I have liked this city so much that its feels it’s my city, it’s my Bangalore ~~ithi Namma Bangaluru. The city and the people are very welcoming.
Anyone who has come to Bangalore would always complaint about the traffic and the crowd on the roads ,but then who is the traffic and who is the crowd ?It's Me ,It's you who complaints and It's All of us and where there is you how can that be a boring place .It becomes the most happening place on earth.

There is another Namma in Bangalore which we all are awaiting for long time ~~Namma Metro .Once the Namma Metro is in I am sure there would be no city in the world that would beat Bangalore in anywaz.

Bangalore is located in South East part of Karnataka. It's located at 12.97 N 77.56 E and covers an area of 741 Sq Kms(286 sq miles).

Bangalore has abundance of greenery and parks, it was called the garden city of India for the number of gardens and lush greenery the city has.

The place I reside overlooks the lush greenery in Bangalore, every morning unlike others I wake up to the green suburbs of Bangalore ,and it feels like heaven on earth.I hope that it remains as green as ever .

Save the trees save Bangalore!


  1. My soon to be home :) See ya soon!

  2. Metro already started long back isn't it?

  3. Not all the phases are complete ,I guess there are only two functional lines rest all under construction

  4. Hey! I write about B'lore for B as well! Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog!