Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Yummy!Whats the yummiest thing you can think in this world? Chocolate ?Ice creams?cakes??What that one thing on earth that we all can have without any complaints anytime ?Any guesses.

It's the Mom's food.Being a mallu I have grown up with the typical Kerala cuisine in my house.The puttu kadala curry ,kapa meenu curry ,appam vadas....my mouth is already watering naming the dishes.

Yummy is not just a word it's a blissful feeling ,awesome heart warming experience.There would not be a single person in the world who does not relish his/her own mom's cuisine.

What's there in the Mom's food that makes it so special for every child .No Mom indeed cooks like the top most chef in the world ,all that is there in Mom's food is the abundance of love which she fills in every bit of the food she cooks.No one on the earth can cook the food as good as Mom.

Even a plain roti(Indian bread) and the achar(Indian pickle) would taste yummy if it's made my Mom.Right now being at Moms place I am relishing the yummy yummy mummy food.

God Bless all the Mom's.


  1. Yummy is not just a word, its a blissful feeling. You captured that perfectly! - Fawn