Friday, May 9, 2014

Nostalgia~Golden Satyam Days

Sweet weekend trip to Hyderabad ,and I was "swimming in the ocean of thought "~~words Courtsey NK.I simply love the place .I still remember the day I got my offer letter which asked me to join in Hyderabad in next 2 day time.It was just 2 days I had been home ,back my home from the college hostel .First I didn't want to join and thankfully I did not listen to that crazy thought for I would have missed one of the lost memorable craziness ahead.

This is the place that gave me kick start to my life ,professionally and it's the same place that gave me my love :). Visiting the place again after so many years hmmm.....a sense of nostalgia a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness came in .I was hell bound on probably trying to relive the days of past ,specific emphasis to the word "trying" .

Walking through the streets of Sindhi colony,eat street@ necklace road,imax ,prasads ,trying to see if all our hang out places used to exist .I was indeed trying to live the past again.Hyderabad changed ,and changed for the good ,but I miss the old place I had been to. Anand theatre is not there any more and that came by as a shock!A stroll through Begumpet I noticed though the hockey stadium there were no buses waiting there.

Yummy paradise biryani from the famous paradise hotel @ paradise circle ,no biryani ever beat that recipe ,I bet !.I would actually want to reuse the KFC tag line ,wish that was permitted.I simply missed the chikoo shake @ the Anand Vihar ,the shop has been renovated and looked good.

I miss my roomies !

I missed "Satyam" all through hyderabad and that missing was indeed a big soul sinker.To all my wonderful Satyam fellow batch mates "thithi thara thi thi thai - thi thai thaka thai thai thom ".

For all you wanna get a bit nostalgic "",million thanks for Faisal.


  1. Even i have similar feeling and words....miss hyd all time and moments spent.satyam time rocks...