Friday, April 25, 2014


Lord Voldemort born Tom Marvalo Riddle is one of the most disgusting  fictional villain of the decade.Voldemort's obsession for pure blood which lead to his thought process to get rid of all muggles from the wizarding world.

I used to keep feeling this uncanny similarity between the fictional character Lord Voldemort and Adolf Hitler.Both seemed to have been obsessed with one crazy thought of getting rid of a certain sect of human crowd .

This obsession of same sect of humans ,precisely calling it racism is now seeming to be a part of human life.What a pity of us ?Forget about the rest of the world in India there is so much divide based on caste ,region ,religion ,states and personally speaking the weirdest of them all is the northie southie divide.All northies assume all southies to be dark and ignorant of hindi ,which is not actually true .And southies seems to have this preconception about northies having bad attitude.Being a South Indian raised in northern part of India ,I very well know both and crazily wrong thoughts.Such thought process should be nipped in the bud itself,alas !a ot of the grown up crowd also carries the same notion.This some time feels to me like a lighter version of Nazism ,the love for only the same and hatred for anyone who are so called different.

Hope ,the only hope is people grow up and not just grow old .

On a lighter note here's the pic of actual looks of the Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes)


  1. Sadly it's not just Hitler (or Voldemort) that obsess on the "purity" of blood--as if that were even possible after hundreds of thousands of years of mixing. Like you say, let's hope people grow up, too, as they grow older :)
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs