Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Girl's Convent

In my IX standard my Dad got into this fantabulous thought that he should put me to Girls convent .There is a slight bit of resentment in my mind when I changed my school ,my grades too fell initially then I got adjusted to it.Adjusting ,man that was such a wrong usage ~~I loved 4 years that I spent there.

I think people have a lot of crazy notions ,I was also one of them till I joined.Its the deadliest place of earth .Gals there are indeed super cool and for sure they know how to do things on their own ,let that be pulling the benches and desk  to arranging the School Day .We had complete freedom to do anything ,be ourselves.

We grew in the era of the Head Girl ,lot of Co-ed school I guess still have the crazy concept of having the Head Boy  aka Captain and Head Girl aka Vice Captain.No taboo no offenses I guess girls even need 33 % reservations here too.

Though there was a humongous drawback to me studying in the girls convent ,especially when I joined my Engineering grad in a class with 80-20 boy girl ratio.My dilemma was very intense .Freedom was lost ,every time u did something u had to think twice guess multiple folds would you sound sane.There indeed were some things which the boys of the class could only do girls were treated fragile beings I guess .That was kinda  a cultural shock.Many even tagged me the term feminist , if  doing my things on my own having my own decisions ,my own ideas my own set of thoughts is being feminist I am proud to be one:):).

Well every thing happens for the good my school taught me to be independent and  college taught me how to still be dependent .

I am always proud of the school I studied and a special thanks to my Dad and Mom for knowing what was right for me.

Here's my school ,photo obtained from the official website of the school

Here's another link which many of you may have already come across but I guess any convent educated can relate to this: http://www.storypick.com/16-signs-convent-school-india/


  1. Good post! Your school looks grand and beautiful :)

  2. My School is indeed grand and very nice

  3. Convents! Aaah....>I so relate to them!! This post took me back to my school days.....lovely write up!!