Monday, April 7, 2014

Facebook ~~Most Addictive Drug

What is the most addictive drug in the world ~~Have read some names cocaine ,blah blah.....
Naaaaah!Not any more.

We all had a social life till April 2004 ,now we all have been drugged by the latest technology drug ~~facebook and all that is remaining is social networking with no social life.

Well I am not a critic of Facebook rather I am only one of the ardent FB fan and user.As fabulous as ever FB helped locate a lot of lost childhood friends .Keeping my post short all I would want to say is "use any technology in a meticulous way it would never be a bane "


  1. I wish I hadn't downloaded Bubble Witch! Nice to connect and follow

  2. I spend far too much time on Facebook, I'm ashamed to say!

  3. I got to say even I was one of them ..Now I have turned to blogging coz I find it more creative than wasting time on FB

  4. Haha! I *used* to be a facebook addict, losing hours upon hours to it. I managed to wean myself off it, although even now I'm not sure how :D

    Flip x (AC)

  5. I have written something on similar lines long ago.....