Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S for Sweet

"Sweet" in itself is such a sweet word .The moment I hear the word sweet all I can remember is the mouth watering delicacies to begin with toffee ,candy ,chocolate,cakes , jams ,jellys ....and the list goes on.And the yummiest of them all my favorite is the Indian sweets which is generally a combination of milk ,ghee (clarified butter) and truck loads of sugar or jaggery. Oh!As I write about them all I want to do is eat them ,I am indeed a "sweetaholic " .I even enjoy cooking and trying my hands on various delicacies and have been successful in doing some.

But as sweet the sweet seems ,it's not that sweet .Sweet is a slow poison ,which spoils our system and leads us to diabetes.I know eating sweets do not lead directly to diabetes but eating sweet with today's kind of sedentary life style will put us in deep troubles.Sweet thus indeed is a poison a slow poison which corrupts the entire system.

In today's world people tend to act sweet .Why precisely the word act because there is total lack of sincerity .Even in the purest relation such as a child and mother ,people end up only behaving sweet instead of being just , right and sincere.What people do not understand is the relationship will then not remain sweet in the longer run it will become diabetic ,diseased.

 In my opinion ,being sweet is good only till when you are just.

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