Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yes a Big Fat "NO" .When will I learn to say that ?

Right from childhood we have been asked to finish our tasks well ,help others ,and give positive replies to questions because that spreads positivity.I know hearing a "Yes" back is so blissful feeling as a child .Mom can I have a chocolate ?or Can I have an ice cream?And a Yes back to them made me feel so good .

After coming to the corporate life I realized or rather the time taught me that a "Yes" to every question can land us in troubles .What troubles?As a part of co-operate culture the  more you say "Yes" to work the more work gets dumped to you .People I guess end up piling stuff on you.You might be being good but people will be taking advantage of you.In today's world learn to understand which request is genuine and which is not analyse with your brain than heart and if you feel you are been mowed down I have just one advise :

"Learn to Say a Big Fat "NO".

But there is a knack of saying "No" million thanks to one of my leads to have given me superb piece of advise which I try to follow .Be positive while saying a "NO" and when you say No positively people do not feel offended.

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  1. Learn to say no when you don't want to say yes. It's easier saying no than saying yes and doing something half heartedly. Good post. :)

  2. Telling 'NO' is an art, especially in the corporate world, to avoid being used. Nice post :)

  3. I have huge problems saying No, either because I am afraid of upsetting people, or because I simply want more and more and more, and don;t know when enough is enough *sigh*

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    Flip x

  4. Yep saying No seems to be the toughest thing ...I guess parents need to teach that stuff in children from childhood that its nt bad to say NO

  5. Reached here via A-Z.
    My 'N' post is also titled No!
    My A-Z theme, ‘26 Positive Takes on Life’ generally focuses on positive, truly heart-warming, real-life incidents involving ordinary persons whom we can all emulate.

    1. Thanks for stopping by..Read your blogs ,its truly insporing