Thursday, April 24, 2014

United We Stand Divided We Fall

This adage has been with us from the time immemorial.As boundaries diffuse in this ever shrinking world unity becomes even more necessary.Only when we unite in spirit can we truly cope with the challenges we face.

To be very frank I started understanding the very value of unity when I went away from my home ,my country so far off.Initially I felt amazed by all the glitters ,but slowly understood that "all that glitters is not really gold".

India is a country with abundance of different cultures that has been co-existing in the country from the age immemorial.I do not want to be politically biased in my opinion none of the parties in India has ever promoted the unity if India ,let it be state wise or religion wise.Every body seems to have a selfish motive of being in power irrespective of its cause to the common man.I sincerely hope we understand that intentions and stay calm in the situations that would potentially harm us.

India has been big and united and I hope we are all united till the time immemorial.India shines when India is united.


  1. Why only politicians and their parties? Most of us only speak about unity; we do not practise unity. We divide ourselves on the basis of religion, state, language, etc., etc.

  2. I completely agree I have been myself the victim of the north Indian south Indian disparity ,a south Indian born and bought up in northern part of India ,lots of time I have had very weird sorts of comments .

  3. Well, let's not wait for people to follow the adage....all we can do and the best we can do, is inspire people to follow the beautiful title you have written on :)

    A very good write up, indeed!!
    God bless...!!