Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oily Skin

Oily skin has been a problem for many including me .Combining oily skin with pollution on a hot sunny day can be a skin spoiler .I know that very well no special guesses I am also one of the poor crowds who has this issue.

Well what to do for oily skin has been an age old questions but my mom indeed has answers to them .

Tips right from the nature and my Mom's traditional methods which is uber cool:

1.Wash your face ,but do not wash it excessively.
2.Use natural face packs -by natural I mean Red Sandalwood (rakta chandanam ), raw turmeric ,rose water.
3.Best way to moisturize is natural ways ,milk creme.Apply milk creme on face and leave it for couple of minutes and see the wonders.
4.To avoid pollution better cover your face .
5.Eat lots of fresh fruits
6.Drink plenty of water
7.Avoid eating oily food.

These work for me ,guess they work for you too.

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