Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spell Bound Prince

When I was small , I would call it the era of VCR and cassette and not of the CD and DVD ,I happened to see a movie ,the impact the movie gave was enormously cute that I would still love to watch it  .I guess i was in my VI standard.That's the first English movie I saw, guess what that the cutest love story I ever saw on screen.

Any Guesses ?

It's the "Beauty and The Beast".The story of the daughter who enslaves herself to a beast( who does not know how to love) to save her father.The pretty girl slowly falls in love with the softer side of the Beast just to realize that the Beast was indeed an enchanted prince and the entire castle was spell bound.

What makes me remember this simple and cute animation movie .We could equate the spell bound castle to the world and each of us to the Beast /Spell bound prince .The prince who forgot to love in this fast paced action oriented and result driven world that we have forgotten to even love ourselves now .Break free break the shell around you and see how beautiful the things are.

Love yourself ,for if u dnt /cant love urself u can't love anything in this world and for all who haven't seen the fairy tale movie its a must watch.

Monday, March 24, 2014

An In site to the Bus travelers Mind

Of late I started taking the public buses for travel the way we used to do so long ago i college .The idea of using the bus was frustrating initially ,kinda stressful .Doing it for a couple of days now I guess I started enjoying the sense of freedom it gave me  ~~Needless to say that long waits for the cabs is now over without dependency I actually started feeling Like the "Queen " .

Today some thing very casual happened which actually shaked up by thought process .As always while travelling in the bus all standing the seat right in front of me became khali and as I was about to sit another lady imparted me the gyan that I should vacate the seat for another elderly person.First thought in my mind why should I be the one ,still I got up and gave up my seat .A sense of bliss actually doused me ,I understood that that small act of charity actually made my day because it made me feel good of my existence today.

Do good to the unknown and feel the bliss.