Monday, April 21, 2014

Rail journeys

I have been loving them ever since the days I can remember .There is nothing on earth that can beat a simple train journey .The sound and the horn of train are so exciting ,I start getting into holiday mood the moment I board a train .The best part of train journey is I just don't feel exhausted doing it .

I have traveled through multiple routes in India and one of the best rail routes is undoubted the Konkan belt.The greenery ,the tunnels ,beautiful water falls the nature comes to you when you travel in that route.
Undoubtedly the toughest route to traverse is when you got to travel across Andhra in summer season.Train journeys always reminds me of the vacation time that comes ahead or passed by.

There are some train journeys across the world which I have only read about .I alwaysdream to go ,its my wishlist of train travels and the easiest way to tell that is by redirecting you to another of my favorite sites :

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  1. I love rail journeys too. I remember reading once - 'road journeys show you the best face of the place - rail journeys show you what goes on behind' It's true - but also I just love the magical scenery you can really savour from a train :)
    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April