Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I kept thinking all the time from morning what to write with T .I did not find any idea till I realized that the time was running out .Yes exactly you hear that out "TIME" was running out.

The clock was ticking and then brain wave struck me ,yes why not do a write-up on time and time management. No one in this world seems to be having time for anything .Personally I feel its not because the life is fast paced I feel its because people do not know hot to manage their time .The best mantra for time management is waking up early.All people who wake up early will definitely get all the time on earth .As an added advantage it gives you a healthy mind and healthy body.I have seen a lot of lazy people around me and frankly speaking I hate laziness and lazy people.It accordingly to me symbolizes an extremely shabby upbringing ,parents who encourage children to value time would never encourage laziness in their kids.

Best way to manage time and do the task on time is taking break .Yes hear that, take breaks!Have you ever noticed that if you keep doing the same thing for hours and your brain ceases to function.As true as that continuous torture to brain harms it more instead of giving productive results.It is better to decide before hand how much break you want.Break provides incentives by giving you something to look forward to having in the middle of work.

Concluding by my thought on lack of time and a small piece of advise for all those people who find it hard to manage time :

 Do not complaint about lack of time ,its the lack of direction that causes lack of time.Find the right direction and catch the time.

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  1. Yet another amazing post!! Time has its shades and the shades bring out the colors of every phase of life and not forgetting to mention, people too!! :)