Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 minutes in Lift

I have heard instances of people being stuck in lift over and again ,but never thought I could be one of them sharing my traumatically hilarious story .

It was Half past 11 ,well 11:00 AM in office on my way back from the juice break 4 of us boarded the lift no 1 .We started our journey at Floor 8 and the destination was Floor 5 .The moment the lift started it gave us a jolt and it was stuck right between the 7 and 8 .The first and obvious reaction was that we 4 burst into laughter ,till we realized that no came to till .Next 5 minutes were the most stressful time we kept buzzing for help but in vain .Suddenly one of the persons eyes landed on a helpline number ,there went the call a guy responded .Suddenly there was a jerk in the lift ,daam dum and we reached the floor 7 .All I could remember is all of us rushing out and preferring to walk down by lift.I guess it was God's own way to tell ,take steps...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Le Pondi..

Started around 4:30 AM in Bangalore to travel on the way on road to Pondi ,roads were good and lushly green scenery on way made the drive easy and comfortable.It was hot on way ,thanks to the ac we were saved from the wrath of the heat.

By 10:30 AM we reached the hotel room ,freshened up soon and went for the quick pondi rounds.The hotel we stayed gave us nice access to quiet a lot of places there.A quick trip to lot of places  the boat house ,100 year old vinayagar temple,the sophisticated french colony and the french church ,the nehru street for some street shopping spree ,the serenity in aurobindo ashram  ,well in short ; the trip was awesome.The long walk on the rocky beach was the highlight of the trip.The place does have a french feel to it .I was surprised that the locals in the french colony were using cycles as the means of transport and they were anti honking .Staying in Bangalore honking has now become an integral part of our driving culture.

This apt weekend getaway from Bangalore for those of you who like the beaches and the sea.

I did miss seeing the Auroville in Pondi  , but I am sure if not now I will see it later:)