Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zombie~Corporate Zombie

Zombie, the dead rising is a fictional character is a animated corpse raised by magic. That’s really crazy. The thought would alter any sane thinking. I was going through an article in the net and found that there is even something called as zombie biology and classification of types of zombies.

All of the classification has one thing in common Zombies either are controlled by some power or have lost their process of rational thinking. In today's world, each one of us @ some point of time has indeed behaved like Zombie, as in lost the process of rational thinking .This may be due to blind trust in some other person or helpless situation. The latter being the more common reason. What we call the helpless situation in corporate world is the most common Zombie statements:

"We have always done it this way"

"You're new aren't you? You new people just want to change our perfect little world. We like it the way it is. We can outlast you. "

"It's working the way it is. Leave it alone. Can we go now? "

Do they sound familiar? These statements have practically killed our thoughts our creativity and made us no more than a Corporate Zombie. How many of you have seen the video of 5 monkeys in a cage , it's a fun video

Wake up Zombie, you are born human so live human

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Yummy!Whats the yummiest thing you can think in this world? Chocolate ?Ice creams?cakes??What that one thing on earth that we all can have without any complaints anytime ?Any guesses.

It's the Mom's food.Being a mallu I have grown up with the typical Kerala cuisine in my house.The puttu kadala curry ,kapa meenu curry ,appam mouth is already watering naming the dishes.

Yummy is not just a word it's a blissful feeling ,awesome heart warming experience.There would not be a single person in the world who does not relish his/her own mom's cuisine.

What's there in the Mom's food that makes it so special for every child .No Mom indeed cooks like the top most chef in the world ,all that is there in Mom's food is the abundance of love which she fills in every bit of the food she cooks.No one on the earth can cook the food as good as Mom.

Even a plain roti(Indian bread) and the achar(Indian pickle) would taste yummy if it's made my Mom.Right now being at Moms place I am relishing the yummy yummy mummy food.

God Bless all the Mom's.

Monday, April 28, 2014


A new dictionary has been invented ever since the invasion of mobiles into our daily lives .Any one who has been SMSing or chatting for quiet some now will be very well aware of the urban dictionary .

XOXO-Hugs and Kissed where O is for Hugs and X is for Kisses. If you look at each letter like it was representing two people from a bird's eye view , the "O" represents the arms of those persons hugging each other while the "X" is evocative of two people kissing each other.

Sometimes all you want to elevate your mood  is a tightly held hug and a plain simple kiss both coming right from the heart.Kisses and hugs are the warmest expression of love.Scientifically speaking its said that a person should have 8 hugs and innumerable number of kisses every day .Hugs and kisses have positive effects on existence.It's the easiest expression of love which requires no speech.

Kiss when you love and hug when you care .

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Why why why??Why do people ask this question why.I am tired of answering these whys,at home at office where ever you go ,the why follows.

Where did this question why come from?Does it come from an inquisitive mind with an urge to learn.For a kid I think it's the inquisitive mind.But I feel the grown ups lot many time ask these why for multiple reasons-to show their authority,to ridicule and the most important irritate.There are very few people who ask this question with an actual intent to understand the things.

Use the why wisely !

Friday, April 25, 2014


Lord Voldemort born Tom Marvalo Riddle is one of the most disgusting  fictional villain of the decade.Voldemort's obsession for pure blood which lead to his thought process to get rid of all muggles from the wizarding world.

I used to keep feeling this uncanny similarity between the fictional character Lord Voldemort and Adolf Hitler.Both seemed to have been obsessed with one crazy thought of getting rid of a certain sect of human crowd .

This obsession of same sect of humans ,precisely calling it racism is now seeming to be a part of human life.What a pity of us ?Forget about the rest of the world in India there is so much divide based on caste ,region ,religion ,states and personally speaking the weirdest of them all is the northie southie divide.All northies assume all southies to be dark and ignorant of hindi ,which is not actually true .And southies seems to have this preconception about northies having bad attitude.Being a South Indian raised in northern part of India ,I very well know both and crazily wrong thoughts.Such thought process should be nipped in the bud itself,alas !a ot of the grown up crowd also carries the same notion.This some time feels to me like a lighter version of Nazism ,the love for only the same and hatred for anyone who are so called different.

Hope ,the only hope is people grow up and not just grow old .

On a lighter note here's the pic of actual looks of the Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

United We Stand Divided We Fall

This adage has been with us from the time immemorial.As boundaries diffuse in this ever shrinking world unity becomes even more necessary.Only when we unite in spirit can we truly cope with the challenges we face.

To be very frank I started understanding the very value of unity when I went away from my home ,my country so far off.Initially I felt amazed by all the glitters ,but slowly understood that "all that glitters is not really gold".

India is a country with abundance of different cultures that has been co-existing in the country from the age immemorial.I do not want to be politically biased in my opinion none of the parties in India has ever promoted the unity if India ,let it be state wise or religion wise.Every body seems to have a selfish motive of being in power irrespective of its cause to the common man.I sincerely hope we understand that intentions and stay calm in the situations that would potentially harm us.

India has been big and united and I hope we are all united till the time immemorial.India shines when India is united.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I kept thinking all the time from morning what to write with T .I did not find any idea till I realized that the time was running out .Yes exactly you hear that out "TIME" was running out.

The clock was ticking and then brain wave struck me ,yes why not do a write-up on time and time management. No one in this world seems to be having time for anything .Personally I feel its not because the life is fast paced I feel its because people do not know hot to manage their time .The best mantra for time management is waking up early.All people who wake up early will definitely get all the time on earth .As an added advantage it gives you a healthy mind and healthy body.I have seen a lot of lazy people around me and frankly speaking I hate laziness and lazy people.It accordingly to me symbolizes an extremely shabby upbringing ,parents who encourage children to value time would never encourage laziness in their kids.

Best way to manage time and do the task on time is taking break .Yes hear that, take breaks!Have you ever noticed that if you keep doing the same thing for hours and your brain ceases to function.As true as that continuous torture to brain harms it more instead of giving productive results.It is better to decide before hand how much break you want.Break provides incentives by giving you something to look forward to having in the middle of work.

Concluding by my thought on lack of time and a small piece of advise for all those people who find it hard to manage time :

 Do not complaint about lack of time ,its the lack of direction that causes lack of time.Find the right direction and catch the time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S for Sweet

"Sweet" in itself is such a sweet word .The moment I hear the word sweet all I can remember is the mouth watering delicacies to begin with toffee ,candy ,chocolate,cakes , jams ,jellys ....and the list goes on.And the yummiest of them all my favorite is the Indian sweets which is generally a combination of milk ,ghee (clarified butter) and truck loads of sugar or jaggery. Oh!As I write about them all I want to do is eat them ,I am indeed a "sweetaholic " .I even enjoy cooking and trying my hands on various delicacies and have been successful in doing some.

But as sweet the sweet seems ,it's not that sweet .Sweet is a slow poison ,which spoils our system and leads us to diabetes.I know eating sweets do not lead directly to diabetes but eating sweet with today's kind of sedentary life style will put us in deep troubles.Sweet thus indeed is a poison a slow poison which corrupts the entire system.

In today's world people tend to act sweet .Why precisely the word act because there is total lack of sincerity .Even in the purest relation such as a child and mother ,people end up only behaving sweet instead of being just , right and sincere.What people do not understand is the relationship will then not remain sweet in the longer run it will become diabetic ,diseased.

 In my opinion ,being sweet is good only till when you are just.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Rail journeys

I have been loving them ever since the days I can remember .There is nothing on earth that can beat a simple train journey .The sound and the horn of train are so exciting ,I start getting into holiday mood the moment I board a train .The best part of train journey is I just don't feel exhausted doing it .

I have traveled through multiple routes in India and one of the best rail routes is undoubted the Konkan belt.The greenery ,the tunnels ,beautiful water falls the nature comes to you when you travel in that route.
Undoubtedly the toughest route to traverse is when you got to travel across Andhra in summer season.Train journeys always reminds me of the vacation time that comes ahead or passed by.

There are some train journeys across the world which I have only read about .I alwaysdream to go ,its my wishlist of train travels and the easiest way to tell that is by redirecting you to another of my favorite sites :

Saturday, April 19, 2014


One thing I love to do in my idle time is reading quotes ,its could be informative , humorous ,imaginative ,inspiration or brainy quotes  ,which ever be it it helps me elevate my mood instantly .

Quotation is the repetition of someone else's statements or thoughts.Quotation marks are punctuation marks used in text to indicate the words of other writers .Both these word are sometimes abbreviated as "quotes(s)".

Sharing you a couple of motivational quotes  from the web ,have an inspired day ahead :

Friday, April 18, 2014

Paintings ~My Ganesha

I love to paint ,I love to sketch .That had been my passion during my childhood .Now a days in the busy world I do not have time to even sketch .Painting relaxes ,you do not indeed need to know to paint or sketch ,just running your hands on canvas can calm your mind ,all you need is some bit of imagination .

I still remember one of my schoolmates who got A+ grades in painting for doing what? guess making a scenery .Now you would be thinking such a silly thing ,anyone and everyone makes scenery pics in schools .All you need is mountains ,trees ,a sun , a lawn ,few flowers and birds.What he did special is what makes me remember it?After finishing his painting nicely he had a bad day chance white water color spill on the painting and you know what he did it with that .He just painted the entire painting white over the already done stuff and yuho the outcome was awesome .It looked like snowfall on the picture .What I learn from that be positive even in tough situations can lead you to the best outcome.

I picked up the pencil and sketched after so many years sketch and the feeling was awesome.i am travelling and out of station and blogging through mobile ,else would have captured my painting and posted along with this blog,will probably put it once back.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oily Skin

Oily skin has been a problem for many including me .Combining oily skin with pollution on a hot sunny day can be a skin spoiler .I know that very well no special guesses I am also one of the poor crowds who has this issue.

Well what to do for oily skin has been an age old questions but my mom indeed has answers to them .

Tips right from the nature and my Mom's traditional methods which is uber cool:

1.Wash your face ,but do not wash it excessively.
2.Use natural face packs -by natural I mean Red Sandalwood (rakta chandanam ), raw turmeric ,rose water.
3.Best way to moisturize is natural ways ,milk creme.Apply milk creme on face and leave it for couple of minutes and see the wonders.
4.To avoid pollution better cover your face .
5.Eat lots of fresh fruits
6.Drink plenty of water
7.Avoid eating oily food.

These work for me ,guess they work for you too.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yes a Big Fat "NO" .When will I learn to say that ?

Right from childhood we have been asked to finish our tasks well ,help others ,and give positive replies to questions because that spreads positivity.I know hearing a "Yes" back is so blissful feeling as a child .Mom can I have a chocolate ?or Can I have an ice cream?And a Yes back to them made me feel so good .

After coming to the corporate life I realized or rather the time taught me that a "Yes" to every question can land us in troubles .What troubles?As a part of co-operate culture the  more you say "Yes" to work the more work gets dumped to you .People I guess end up piling stuff on you.You might be being good but people will be taking advantage of you.In today's world learn to understand which request is genuine and which is not analyse with your brain than heart and if you feel you are been mowed down I have just one advise :

"Learn to Say a Big Fat "NO".

But there is a knack of saying "No" million thanks to one of my leads to have given me superb piece of advise which I try to follow .Be positive while saying a "NO" and when you say No positively people do not feel offended.

Image from the web.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mallu New year ~~Happy Vishu

I start my blog with Best wishes for Vishu to all .A very happy and prosperous year ahead .Vishu is the start of our new year, it generally falls in the second week of Gregorian calender.Vishu starts with the Vishu kani and then follows the fireworks .Other facets of the festival includes ,buying new dresses "puthukodi " and tradition of giving money to the younger ones ,"vishukaineetam". Of course the yummy Vishu sadhya ,the traditional Kerala food severed the traditional way on the banana leaves is a must for Vishu.

The most important thing for Vishu is the Vishu Kani that means "the first thing seen of the day of Vishu".Vishu kani varies from district to district ,but each kani has some common factors :"Photo of Krishnan ,raw rice ,coconut ,konna poo ,kani velarikya ,gold and some coins .My Vishu Kani is a combination kani of both Palghat and Ernakulam districts of Kerala .My Vishu Kani lets us see all the goodness in one sight ,the God ,the grains -rice ,fruits ,flowers ,money  ,gold ,new dress ,Bhagvata Gita and Sindooram.God bless all of our year ahead.

Significance of Vishu :

Vishu is traditionally celebrated as a New Year in Malayalam Calender and the day is often considered as the first day of the Zodiac calender .However if the equinox occurs after dawn on the first day of the zodiac calender ,the the Vishu celebrations will be on the next day ,ie the second day of the calender.As Vishu is marked the first day of the Malayalam zodiac ,it is considered and appropriate time to offer obligations to Hindu Gods.

                                   Vishu Ashamsakal-Happy Vishu to All -My Vishu kani for All of you

Monday, April 14, 2014


Love me for I live for you,
Love me for I care for you,
Love me for I smile for you,
Love me for I cry for you,
Love me for I love you!

Who loves you the most ,have you ever thought about it?If no ,then never even think about it ,where there is condition there is no love ,where there is restriction there is no love ,where there is formality there is no love.All that remains is obligation.

Someone who really loves you sees what mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle ,but still wants you in their life.

Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you ,that's been my all time favorite ,plug in your ear phones link for the you tube video  " " .

Swim in the world of love~~~

Friday, April 11, 2014


Kiss~ ~It's an expression of love ,It's and expression of passion ,It's blissful experience.It's a touch with the lip , a sign of love .Even the small babies understand the language of kiss.This is one topic where I become short of words.

What a kiss means?Can we define it ,can we know it ?May be I can help it's just my thought

Kiss on forehead ~~We are cute together,super cute
Kiss on cheek~~I am friends with you
Kiss on hand~~I adore you
Kiss on Neck~~I want you...Now!
Kiss on the shoulder~~You are the perfect 1 4 me
Kiss on the lips~~I LOVE YOU.

Perfect expression to say "I LOVE YOU" is plain simple Kiss ,because actions speak louder than words.

Image from web.

James Bond ~Bond James Bond

Bond James Bond ~~Bond with the Best .That's one tagline that has intrigued me always . Is it because I like suiting and shirting .Noways !What has a female got to do with suiting and shirting.It's a mere fascination for the character James Bond.

The tall , handsome, smartest and sexiest on screen character  .Is there any girl on earth who does not drool over the James Bond's characteristic charm , I don't think so.There has been lots of controversial debate and heated discussions about whose the best bond .I believe each bond has been best suited for the role they were casted for.

Who is James Bond?James Bond is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming.Since Fleming's death seven other authors have written James Bond authorized fictions.
This charismatic character have been my heart throb always.

Ian Fleming's fictional image of James Bond from the trusted source Wikipedia.

And I am dead sure all the James Bond fit well in this character.

Who is the best Bond according to you?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Me Myself

---------Read the Blog as First Person------------------------------

The most powerful word in the world is "I" .Why because "I" believe it's the most powerful word.
Today's world is more about show off ,people really are worried about what others think ,see  and feel but what about the most important person in your life ,"I".How many of you there are doing things we like to do as we did in childhood.As a child I was I and now I am lost in the today's world ,I am lost in the whirlpool of life .

What do I do now daily ?I wake up with an alarm in morning ,make breakfast ,do my prayers go to my office come back prepare dinner and off to sleep .My life's so routine so boring.The child in me seems to be lost and no I dnt blame the world or the society ,I dnt blame the people around me , I am not so melodramatic to put the blame on anyone.

But the question here is Am I unhappy ?Nopes.Never! I am perfectly happy doing what I do and that's what makes the difference.

Just to add on to the routine life ,I do break my routine to do some things things that I like -Listening to music ,dancing ,painting ,cooking new recipes and now this new venture blogging. I do what I like to do.

What I have learnt in my life is ,it's my life ,I live it because I want to live it that way I chose to live it that way.I am the most happy being myself.

Stop Comparing myself with others because that's the biggest insult I would give to me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Home ~~When the house becomes home

Lots of us have had dreams of owing a house , and a lucky few even have one.But are we successful in making our house a home sweet home .Do we really need a house or a home ?

Wat's a house ?
It's a mere address some numbers that get recorded in the government offices .

A home is an abode of happiness ,divine place where only love resides.Let that love be between husband wife or parents kid or even grandparents grand kids.All that governs the housemates is their love for each other.Houses like that are like temples ,abode of God.In today's world no one really seems to have time for anything not even time to show /express love.God Bless all of them!

Feng Shui tells us a method to stabilize positive energy and ward of negative energy from house.

I am lucky to know a person ,a crystal healer ,who educated me how we can clean up the house based on Feng Shui.I believe the method is really effective to ward of negative energy from the home.All you need is rock salt a ceramic bowl and water.Put the salt in the bowl and add water .Place it in the house somewhere where people would notice it ,well I put it on the dining table .Keep it there for 12 hours .After 12 hrs flush the water +salt out of your house .Ensure you flush it and not put it through the sink/washbasin.And see the wonders.

What makes home a sweet home ~~It's the kids  ,its the children of the home.It's the cries ,smiles and unconditional love of the kids that makes the house blossom.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Girl's Convent

In my IX standard my Dad got into this fantabulous thought that he should put me to Girls convent .There is a slight bit of resentment in my mind when I changed my school ,my grades too fell initially then I got adjusted to it.Adjusting ,man that was such a wrong usage ~~I loved 4 years that I spent there.

I think people have a lot of crazy notions ,I was also one of them till I joined.Its the deadliest place of earth .Gals there are indeed super cool and for sure they know how to do things on their own ,let that be pulling the benches and desk  to arranging the School Day .We had complete freedom to do anything ,be ourselves.

We grew in the era of the Head Girl ,lot of Co-ed school I guess still have the crazy concept of having the Head Boy  aka Captain and Head Girl aka Vice Captain.No taboo no offenses I guess girls even need 33 % reservations here too.

Though there was a humongous drawback to me studying in the girls convent ,especially when I joined my Engineering grad in a class with 80-20 boy girl ratio.My dilemma was very intense .Freedom was lost ,every time u did something u had to think twice guess multiple folds would you sound sane.There indeed were some things which the boys of the class could only do girls were treated fragile beings I guess .That was kinda  a cultural shock.Many even tagged me the term feminist , if  doing my things on my own having my own decisions ,my own ideas my own set of thoughts is being feminist I am proud to be one:):).

Well every thing happens for the good my school taught me to be independent and  college taught me how to still be dependent .

I am always proud of the school I studied and a special thanks to my Dad and Mom for knowing what was right for me.

Here's my school ,photo obtained from the official website of the school

Here's another link which many of you may have already come across but I guess any convent educated can relate to this:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Facebook ~~Most Addictive Drug

What is the most addictive drug in the world ~~Have read some names cocaine ,blah blah.....
Naaaaah!Not any more.

We all had a social life till April 2004 ,now we all have been drugged by the latest technology drug ~~facebook and all that is remaining is social networking with no social life.

Well I am not a critic of Facebook rather I am only one of the ardent FB fan and user.As fabulous as ever FB helped locate a lot of lost childhood friends .Keeping my post short all I would want to say is "use any technology in a meticulous way it would never be a bane "

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Eyes are not only the organ of vision ,it's the window to the human mind.Scientifically speaking patterns in the iris can give an indication of whether we are warm and trusting ,neurotic or impulsive.

There is an age old English proverb that states "the eyes are the window to the soul".Many different poets have used this proverb including the great William Shakespeare.We can read the people's mind with their eyes.People who are true only have the courage to look into the eyes and speak.

Eye is the most expressive part of human body ,it shows every feeling the happiness ,the sorrow the excitement ,the sympathy.Great actor and the greatest dancers don't need to act /dance with the body .All they need to do is to express rightly with their eyes.

Eyes are generally used by people to pep up their looks .Look at all the glam adds from the world famous brands Maybelline ,Loreal which have enormous products to enhance the looks by accenting the eye.Well in today's world its lot about what you show than what you do!

I personally dnt like people who do not look into the eyes and talk ,all those who have something to hide.I believe shrewd people who are afraid that their eyes will speak what their mouth hides are scared to look into the eyes.The Eyes Speak a thousand words ,read a person through the eyes and not through what they speak.

                                        "Look into my eyes,you will see what you mean to me"~~that's for my ever dearest.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Main Dilli Hoon Main Dilli Hoon ,Main Hindustan Ka Dil Hoon .

Delhi ,commonly known as Dilli-(Dil meaning Heart) Dilli Means place where people with heart resides.I am born and bought up in Delhi and it gives me a special connect to the place .The people ,style ,the pace the place .Its a place which has people from all sects ,all states  all nations.History depicts that Delhi has always welcomed anything and everything new ,I guess we can consider all the invasions by the Afghans ,Mughals ,Tuglaqs ..then the British.Delhi  never rejected anything new.There has been an old legend that Delhi gets destroyed every 400 years and it erects itself all over again to the greater heights to become a mightier power .All of the Delhi has been standing on years and years of changes.

Oh!I miss Delhi ..The long strolls ,roadside chats ,yummy jalebis ,Street shopping.Delhi is a shoppers paradise ,all you need to know is where to shop what?
For all of who plan to go to delhi ,just a piece of advise:
College casuals-Sarojini ,Salwar suites-LN,CP ..CP is an all time shoppers paradise ,Jeans -just rush to Tonk Road , then comes the Rajouri and the Raja Garden.

I miss every damn thing about the place...Long hot sunny summers and the dark cold Delhi winters .I wish one day I would be able to go back and settle down there.

From the DTC to Delhi Metros ~From the dnt care attitude to the enormous inflow of people @ India Gate to protest the brutal case in Delhi~~Delhi has moved on but guess never any Delhite was able to move further.

Just with a small message to all women ~~BE SAFE

Gate to Heart of India~India Gate

Thursday, April 3, 2014


C for Crab ,Being Crabby is a part of my nature .No special guesses I am the crab -The Cancerian.

People generally think of the cancer as the moody and over sensitive character .Though cancer are thought to be imaginative ,loyal and loving people generally get to be inclined of the negative side of the character often than the positive side.It's the zodiac filled with so many contradictions ,and you need no special guesses now to know how I know:).They are independent yet dependent lot.

Top 10 Reasons Y you are a cancer?

10.You are a Home Bee
9.So called Moody blues
8.Love Food -Really good food
7.What you think comes on your face
6.Hurt Easily
5.Kinda nut case ,who always has Fun
4.Love to Feed people
3.Act like the mother Hen
2.Are a cry baby

And the most important and the number 1 reason is ##

You were born under the sign of crab.
Any more crabbies in the group?

BTW who has ever eaten "Crab"?Do checkout the the ocean's fest in the BBQ Nation Bangalore.It's yum!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Commonly known as "Namma Bangaluru " is the capital city of the state of Karnataka .But the most important fact is it’s the city where I reside .To the world its popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India ,it’s the leading IT exporter city of India.

The Term Namma Bangaluru means Apna Bangaluru in Hindi or My Bangalore in English. I just moved into the city last year and in this last one year I have liked this city so much that its feels it’s my city, it’s my Bangalore ~~ithi Namma Bangaluru. The city and the people are very welcoming.
Anyone who has come to Bangalore would always complaint about the traffic and the crowd on the roads ,but then who is the traffic and who is the crowd ?It's Me ,It's you who complaints and It's All of us and where there is you how can that be a boring place .It becomes the most happening place on earth.

There is another Namma in Bangalore which we all are awaiting for long time ~~Namma Metro .Once the Namma Metro is in I am sure there would be no city in the world that would beat Bangalore in anywaz.

Bangalore is located in South East part of Karnataka. It's located at 12.97 N 77.56 E and covers an area of 741 Sq Kms(286 sq miles).

Bangalore has abundance of greenery and parks, it was called the garden city of India for the number of gardens and lush greenery the city has.

The place I reside overlooks the lush greenery in Bangalore, every morning unlike others I wake up to the green suburbs of Bangalore ,and it feels like heaven on earth.I hope that it remains as green as ever .

Save the trees save Bangalore!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Anthem means some form of music colloquially, it act as a symbol for a distinctive group of people. Being a proud Indian, I love my National Anthem ~Jana Gana Mana~~

History of our National Anthem takes us back to the Era of Indian Independence .Our Anthem was composed by the great Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.Written in highly sanskritised Bengali ,it is the first five stanza of the Brahmo Hymn. It was first sung in Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress on 27th December 1911.

 A formal rendition of the national anthem takes fifty-two seconds.

The National Anthem of India is played or sung on various occasions. Instructions have been issued from time to time about the correct versions of the Anthem, the occasions on which these are to be played or sung, and about the need for paying respect to the anthem by observance of proper decorum on such occasions. The substance of these instructions has been embodied in the information sheet issued by the government of India for general information and guidance

Below the English Translation of the National Anthem:

The following translation (edited in 1950 to replace Sindh with Sindhu as Sindh after partition was allocated to Pakistan), attributed to Tagore, is provided by the Government of India's national portal:[9]
Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
Dispenser of India's destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of PunjabSindhuGujarat and Maratha,
Of the DravidaUtkala and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Yamuna and Ganga and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Ocean.
They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people waits in thy hand,
Thou dispenser of India's destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee.

Jai Hind!

Reference to the Blog is Wikipedia.