Thursday, April 3, 2014


C for Crab ,Being Crabby is a part of my nature .No special guesses I am the crab -The Cancerian.

People generally think of the cancer as the moody and over sensitive character .Though cancer are thought to be imaginative ,loyal and loving people generally get to be inclined of the negative side of the character often than the positive side.It's the zodiac filled with so many contradictions ,and you need no special guesses now to know how I know:).They are independent yet dependent lot.

Top 10 Reasons Y you are a cancer?

10.You are a Home Bee
9.So called Moody blues
8.Love Food -Really good food
7.What you think comes on your face
6.Hurt Easily
5.Kinda nut case ,who always has Fun
4.Love to Feed people
3.Act like the mother Hen
2.Are a cry baby

And the most important and the number 1 reason is ##

You were born under the sign of crab.
Any more crabbies in the group?

BTW who has ever eaten "Crab"?Do checkout the the ocean's fest in the BBQ Nation Bangalore.It's yum!


  1. haha good one. BTW I am a Cancerian based on the moon sign ;-) (Katakam in tamil)

  2. Same Pich ,d o you relate to the nature then?

  3. Good post! :)
    btw im 'C' too..Capricornian :)

  4. Ive been accused of being crabby but not for this reason!