Friday, May 30, 2014

Never let your fear outgrow you

I stand strong ,I hold my head high ,I am hit by a storm ,I feel weak ,I feel tired ,I feel lonely ,I feel sad ,I cry ,I scream for help....I fear and then I get up and move on.I wish ,I hope my mind is without any fears.

People ask is crying a solution to a problem?
Well I ask them back "By not crying will I get a solution to the problem?"Crying is an outburst of emotion that gives you relief from the pain ,as putting water over the burns helps the burns heal ,a let out cry helps you overcome the burns ,burns to your heart.

Has anyone ever felt that God's been unfair ,have you ever felt that God seems to be doing good to bad people ,if you have then your fear has outgrown you.All that is left in you is your fear .You cease to exist .

You may not be happy in others happiness but do not be sad .Do not let your bad times change you to a bad person.It's been rightfully said people are not good or bad ,good people do undergo a bad phase.Live your life with head held high no matter what happens and see even the God's won't be capable to make you sad.

Outlive your fear ....It's not only for great people ,try that you too can.

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