Friday, July 18, 2014


As a kid I was raised to be proud ,proud to be an Indian,the culture of India ,the Vedas so on and so forth. I have been reminded many times that there is no other culture that respects the dignity of woman.There is no other culture where the  women is worshiped as God.Always I have heard elders criticizing the western culture .Where has my India the one which I am proud of  gone?

The crime against women in India is on a all time high.I still remember a debate which I had with some elders just after the Nirbhaya case .To my shell shock I realized that those clan of elders where criticizing Nirbhaya to have been out at that time of night along with a male friend .They even boasted in saying that my daughter would not have done that.All I could do was vehemently oppose because yes I had to travel once all alone at that time of night back from my office and all I could say was I was just lucky.Have you ever thought that it could have been your daughter who could have been travelling with her brother /father /husband and how can you be so sure that she is safe.

I have heard a lot of choking statements like ;it's the women who invites rape , it's the mobile phone given to women that invites rape ,it's the jeans that invites rape and how long in India will we be supporting such erratic thoughts and statements ."Was it the jeans or the mobile phone ??what was the fault of that 6 year old ,a small kid ,just a kid who was traumatized by nobody other than her school teachers and to the hell shock of my lives the school says they do not even own the responsibility of safety of the kids."Daily the news paper is flooded with news about crime against women /children.Well high time we should amend our laws and include capital punishment for such heinous crimes.

To all those who criticize women , are the cultured men in India such perverts who cannot even control themselves .Let me not blame all the men , just because of a clan of them .

Tell me ,truly genuinely and this question goes to all the women "Have you faced any abuse while travelling in public transport -trains/buses/metros?""Have you faced any issue of eves teasing in your entire life?"And if your answer is yes ,please educate the men around you of the problems you face .Your silence is no solution ,you should make them realize what they could do to others can indeed come back to their own people and it's only that scare which may instill sense in people. Mothers please raise your sons right ,stop blaming some one else's daughter .Your raise your boy right and he will not do the wrong.

I still remember meeting a Turkish lady on my way the NZ ,I was going on a business trip and she was in for a pleasure trip .She was telling me about all her pleasure trips around the world and I was surprised India was never there in her list.Inquisitive I asked her why she never visited India,it has so many places to visit ,vivid rich culture and she just said "I do not feel it safe to travel to India , heard so much in news ,it's unsafe for women " .That day  for the first time, I instead of being proud to be an Indian ; felt ashamed .

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