Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 minutes in Lift

I have heard instances of people being stuck in lift over and again ,but never thought I could be one of them sharing my traumatically hilarious story .

It was Half past 11 ,well 11:00 AM in office on my way back from the juice break 4 of us boarded the lift no 1 .We started our journey at Floor 8 and the destination was Floor 5 .The moment the lift started it gave us a jolt and it was stuck right between the 7 and 8 .The first and obvious reaction was that we 4 burst into laughter ,till we realized that no came to till .Next 5 minutes were the most stressful time we kept buzzing for help but in vain .Suddenly one of the persons eyes landed on a helpline number ,there went the call a guy responded .Suddenly there was a jerk in the lift ,daam dum and we reached the floor 7 .All I could remember is all of us rushing out and preferring to walk down by lift.I guess it was God's own way to tell ,take steps...

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